"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, uniting body and thought."

Breathing groups for self orientation

I have been taking breathing and movement courses with Frau Reinhardt since 2008. My original motivation was to understand the breath and the effect breathing has on my organism. I wanted to discover how my breathing could help me to escape daily stress, protect myself from people with negative energy and to shield myself, at least temporarily, from the flood of information in the world. The breathing exercises showed me new ways to find myself and stay centered.

The great thing about conscious breathing, is that it teaches you, how to use the possibilities that open up through the breath in everyday life.
All in all, I feel like I am absolutely on the right track through breathing exercises.

Industrial Engineer, 31

Benevolent tension

I have taken part in three breathing courses already. I am very pleased to be able to take part in the next one in the series.

During this hour, I am concentrated exclusively on my breathing and, most of the time, I can completely disconnect from my workday. It is an absolute time-out, a concentrated dive into another "world", in a sheltered space, directly in the middle of my office. My mind relaxes and my physical body enjoys the concentrated attention and awareness. I absorb so much energy during this time and take this equanimity or distance to my workday back with me to my desk.
I can easily use a few of the breathing exercises while at my desk. I am very thankful for this opportunity and it would be my vision that courses like these could be offered daily in firms at lunchtime everywhere.

Businessadministrator, 43

Thoughts associated with the Breathing Course

  • Conscious time for myself during the normal workday
  • I have received new ideas for exercises I can do for myself
  • Better grounding and a sense of more inner space to move
    (e.g. rocking)
  • Sense of well being through a comfortable environment
  • Strengthening of internal calm and composure
  • Challenge of developmental creative potential
  • Freedom of breathing and new resilience

Software developer, Division manager, 44