Ab sofort kann ich Ihnen mit dem nötigen Corona Abstand ATEMÜBUNGEN in ihrem Garten, auf einer anderen Grünfläche oder mit dem notwendigen Abstand in der Praxis zeigen:
ATEM-vertiefende ÜBUNGEN stärken Ihr Immunsystem und Ihre Resilienz in Einzelstunden (die von den Privatkassen bezahlt werden).
Claudia Reinhardt, Dipl. Atemtherapeutin (seit 1991) Telefon 0170 - 2863143

Positive Effects of Breathing Awareness

  • Good self- and stress-management
  • Increased physical and mental performance capacity
  • Greater tolerance for others: through distance and empathic capacity
  • Better ability to communicate
  • Use of dormant resources
  • More creativity and originality

We offer seminars tailored to the goal of supporting creativity and health of your coworkers. The exercises can be used by all people of all ages without effort directly in their offices or at home.
Course units of 30 minutes to 60 minutes for 4 to 8 employees on location in your firm.

The course contents:

  • posture trainings for seated activities with awareness for the proper
  • body language in presentation situations
  • strengthening Breathing and Voice
  • releasing exercises