Best performance requires free flowing breathing.

When you open this website, you are already aware of how much the flexibility of mind and body depend on each other. As a representative of your corporate culture, it is important to you to enable your employees to have pauses for inspiration and regeneration of their creative potential.

Even your employees and colleagues at work are sometimes limited by their interpretation of the world. Encourage them with this announcement in the intranet to participate in a firm internal systemic breathing training course:

  • Would you like to learn new ways to increase your energy and creativity during your workday?
  • Did you know that breathing is able to balance your muscle tension and help you to focus?
  • Exercising your breath in a systemic way helps you to stay calm even in disturbing situations. Full breathing supports your ability to cooperate in private and business situations. It enables you to be the one who acts, instead of reacts.

New Flexibility of Action

Highly qualified employees are ambitious and work at top speed. Up until now, it has been a purely private concern for these employees as how they keep themselves fit and regenerated to perform at such high levels. Systemic breathing training puts creative pauses into the midst of your corporate culture.

With the systemic breathing exercises you learn how you can transform hinderances for communicative and change processes. Systemic means to focus on the large field connecting the co-workers with each other and their work which influences their actual way of breathing. Free breathing strengthens your capacity to adapt to performance challenges and supports you by enabling you to concentrate on yourself.

Obstructing thought and behavior patterns often have their original sources in tense breathing muscles especially the diaphragm. The autonomic nervous system ends up out of balance and needs the support of systemic breathing training to bring it back into balance.

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