Additional offer to the staff

Breathing coaching allows individual analysis and reorganisation of the personal restrictions to the breath.

This means that this is an additional offer to the staff during a lunch break or in the evening after work.

Systemic Breathing and Voice Coaching

I would have never thought five years ago that I would try out Breathing exercises... Why? Because I am too mentally driven and have to understand everything before I can accept and believe it. During the coaching sessions you cut through the old thought patterns with which I had surrounded myself. Sometimes it was caused by your sensitivity during our conversations. Sometimes, it was caused by my bodily response to the breathing exercises. Something very concrete happened during the physical therapy, when after a period of time, I consciously noticed that my ex- and inhalation inverted. My inhalation happened then parallel to the expansion of my abdomen and ribcage. You would probably say that my diaphragm sank. My mind tells me that it makes sense for me to give my inhalation more space and let the diaphragm lower, especially before difficult discussions or presentations, etc.

It was due to the experiences with your breathing therapy that I first became conscious of the fact that after stressful situations were over, my upper body (ie. chest, back, shoulders and hips) relaxed. After that, my breathing became slower and deeper. Through that process, my center of gravity lowered and became comfortably grounded.
In the future, I want the feeling of being grounded to the earth before and during stressful situations.

Patent lawyer, 51