Portrait Claudia Reinhardt

After my university studies in Literature and Philosophy I began writing for various radio station programs about European writers and artists as well as features about the interdependence of sanity, neurobiology and Breathing as the art of self cultivation. During this time, I became increasingly aware of the creative power of breath and voice while speaking my texts.
After that, a three year degree followed at the renowned Berlin Institute for Experienced Breath under the direction of Professor Ilse Middendorf as well as a long term continues education in systemic constellation work (SYST). Since 1990, I teach musicians, artists, homemakers, physical therapists, nurses, and managers using the method that I developed step by step on my own of systemic breathing training/coaching for individuals and groups.

I have a new website www.tinnitus-atemtherapie.eu.

I have been providing firm internal breathing courses since 2005:

telefonica o2, Knorr Bremse, European Patent Office,
ZVK, Siemens, VPT